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    MPC offers an annual membership to help empower its members to achieve improved health, wellness and mindfulness. Members receive a daily training program, complete with two tracks and variations to adapt the program to their own individual needs and athletic abilities; a choice of daily meal plans plus a cookbook full of hundreds of healthy and tasty recipes; an all-levels yoga program with two tracks, designed to stretch and revitalize weary muscles; a mindfulness program created to promote a steady mind and improve self-appreciation; and the support and motivation of our global community of Peakers.

    But that’s not all MPC does. In the past few years, MPC has raised millions of dollars in charitable donations, which have fully financed vital research projects for blood-cancer treatment, addressed environmental problems, supported end-of-life care, and helped fight hunger worldwide.

    Meanwhile, our Peakers have gained mobility, rediscovered their confidence, become stronger and more healthy, broadened their experiences, traveled the world and made long-lasting new friends. They have empowered themselves and each other to indulge and grow their interests, to explore their communities and the world and, ultimately, to change their lives.

    Join us now on the first step of your journey to a healthier lifestyle


    My Peak Challenge began with a call to action. In 2015, Sam Heughan challenged his fans to challenge themselves while raising funds for charity.

    The message resonated, and the My Peak Challenge T-shirt became synonymous with unity and camaraderie.

    In 2016, a 60-day training and nutrition program was designed to help members develop the foundation to meet their challenges. Thousands joined and a global community of Peakers was born.

    In 2017, MPC grew again, offering our members a full 12 months of workouts and meal plans. The community swelled. For the first time celebrated in person, hiking and sweating, dining and dancing together at the first MPC gala in Scotland.

    Since then, our global community of Peakers has continued to take on the annual challenge of improving their physical, mental and emotional fitness, and in the process has raised more than $6 million for our charity partners. Lives have been changed. Friendships and extended families have been forged. 

    And we’re doing it all again this year.


    My Peak Challenge is based on six pillars: Move, Flow, Exhale, Fuel, Peak and Give.

    But the true challenge is the one you will pose yourself. Spend any amount of time among our My Peak Challenge community, and you’ll likely come upon the phrase “You do you.” By emphasizing the “My” in My Peak Challenge, our program lets you decide how to best invest in yourself. 

    You may choose to invest in one of the MPC Pillars or all of them. Some Peakers join for Move only. Some join to Flow. Some follow our nutrition philosophy but not the meal plans. Some join just for global fellowship and follow their own training or set only a nonphysical challenge for themselves. We encourage you to find what works for you among all of MPC’s offerings, outlined here.


    My Peak Challenge takes the guesswork out of workouts. 

    While most streaming fitness platforms simply offer an à la carte menu of workouts and leave you saddled with the important decision of what to do and when, MPC’s 12-month daily follow-along training programs take you step-by-step through workouts expertly designed to promote gains in strength, power, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and overall fitness. Designed by our head coach, the training programs are as close as you can get to personal training through a screen.

    Each workout includes a warm-up and elements that focus on strength-building and cardiovascular output (or sometimes both combined). Through protocols like EMOMs, AMRAPs and Tabatas, along with basic training elements like straight reps of resistance work, MPC members are introduced to a variety of movement patterns and techniques to help them progress.

    And because the workouts build on each other week over week and month over month, the programming continues to challenge members as they get stronger and fitter through the year. Members also have access to MPC’s Exercise Index, which contains descriptions and video demonstrations of the hundreds of exercises that make up the program, and the Exercise Variations Index, which offers a list of alternate movements for each exercise, allowing members to further personalize and adapt the workouts to their own abilities. 

    MPC Move offers two tracks to choose from. Ignite is designed for those new or just returning to regular exercise. It features three workout sessions, three active recovery days and one rest day per cycle and consists primarily of bodyweight movements, so that there’s no barrier to entry. Accelerate is for those who have previously completed a year of MPC Move training or who have at least six months of exercise experience. It offers four longer workout sessions, two active recovery days and one rest day per cycle.

    No matter which track you’re on, you can expect to be challenged and to gain strength, endurance, power and most importantly, confidence in your body. You can choose to work out at home or in a gym. New programs are released monthly and can be started any time during the year.


    MPC Flow is an all-levels yoga program that benefits flexibility, balance, muscle tone and strength, and aims to improve energy and mind-body connection.

    Peaker Restore is a slower-paced program that helps return an active body to its natural range of motion.

    Peaker Revive offers a more dynamic form of yoga, strengthening muscles and providing stability to joints. 


    MPC Exhale is a comprehensive mindfulness program designed to help Peakers develop the capacity to live in the present moment while also creating more fulfilling, grounded lives.

    The program begins with simple Stillness Sessions to use daily or as needed to bring presence and calm into any moment. 

    Insight Concepts are introduced to reflect upon and are coupled with Insight Practices to provide tools to help you cultivate more of the life you desire.


    At My Peak Challenge, we believe that food is fuel, and that bodies that work to their full potential have to be healthfully fueled. 

    MPC’s nutrition program is rooted in our philosophy that everyone should eat well. That means eating a variety of foods that taste good and make you feel good, while actively rejecting much of what passes for nutrition counsel in our current era. 

    For the most part, My Peak Challenge’s nutrition philosophy advocates eating what you like, with a focus on lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables and healthy fats. We offer an annual cookbook that features hundreds of tasty recipes.

    And for those members who are looking for a more structured eating plan, we offer two daily nutritionist-designed meal plans — one for omnivores and one for lacto/ovo vegetarians. The meal plans are based on understanding and balancing the macronutrient content of foods, so we also offer education on what macros are and how to balance them so any member can formulate their own personal meal plan.

    MPC is not a weight-loss program (though some members will lose weight when following it). Rather, it’s a power-building program. Peakers build powerful bodies and powerful minds through all that MPC offers.


    Starting on the path to a new lifestyle can often be a lonely experience. Fortunately, no Peaker is ever truly alone. MPC’s global Peaker community is made up of tens of thousands of members from 83 countries. There is always someone awake and ready to offer a sympathetic ear, a word of encouragement, or a touch of accountability.

    A Peaker is a member of the My Peak Challenge community which is based on Acceptance, camaraderie and motivation.

    Peakers are committed to personal growth while positively impacting the world around them and support one another through their struggles and successes.

    The MPC Global community is made up of over 14,000 members in 83 countries.

    MPC is dedicated to expanding our impact from the personal to the planet-wide. With “Help yourself while helping others” as our guiding ethos, MPC supports a breadth of causes, from the environment to hunger relief, end-of-life care to cancer research.

    Investing in yourself feels good. Investing in yourself while making a direct impact on the world feels even better.


    In service of our motto — Help yourself while helping others — My Peak Challenge donates fifty percent of membership fees (after payment processing, membership gift, fulfillment and admin fees) directly to our charity partners. That has added up to upwards of $6 million to a variety of causes, including hunger relief, blood-cancer research, end-of-life care and environmental protection efforts. 

    In addition to the donation that comes from the membership fees, MPC hosts annual campaigns, like the Munro Step Challenge, that have become much-anticipated hallmarks of the year. Peakers can donate directly to our charity partners via their JustGiving links on our Give page, and our Honorary Ambassador groups also fundraise via merchandise sales in the Ambassador Shop.