About the Honorary MPC Ambassador Program

Do you love being a Peaker and the MPC experience?

Ready to share the joy and help us improve many more lives?

Join us in creating a network of like-minded Peakers with the most passionate voices within our community.


To qualify to be an official Honorary MPC Ambassador, you must demonstrate these simple objectives:

  • To help grow and nurture our community
  • To extend our principles and improve the experience of being a Peaker
  • To help us raise more awareness for our charity partners

Here are some of the benefits Honorary MPC Ambassadors will receive. Just like the MPC program, this list will continue to progress and evolve.

  • Establishment of direct communication and Ambassador-exclusive engagement. You will be invited to the exclusive Honorary MPC Ambassador online meeting with the MPC team and other Ambassadors to learn from each other’s successes.
  • Exclusive Advisory Panel participation. You will play a key role in the improvement and empowerment of our community.
  • Exclusive early access to tickets for MPC’s official event(s). (Restrictions may apply based on the size of your group.)
  • Designated presence and representation at MPC events and on the official MPC website. Introduce your group and let the world know about your contributions and efforts with our support.
  • Merchandise will be sold on the official MPC shop, with 100% of the profit donated to our charity partners in your group’s name.
  • Sharing and celebrating your stories, activities, gatherings, successes, and fundraising on all the official MPC platforms (web/newsletter/social media).


Now, some homework....! (Or a personal challenge?)

To apply, the first step is to write a short proposal via the form included in the link below. Please include information about you and your group, your goals, your hopes, your aspirations. If you would like to add what MPC means to you, we would certainly love to hear your stories!!

To apply,

  • You must be a current MPC member and must have been an active member for a full year.
  • Your group name must relate to a specific region that you live in or a special interest that you're passionate about.
  • Your proposal must bring people together (not incite division).
  • Your proposal must grow AND connect our community.
  • Your proposal must NOT include providing services or education.
  • You must adhere to our common goals and underscore team spirit.

Be supportive, positive and creative in your approach, and if you need our support to help modify your proposal, do not hesitate to reach out. Any inquiries or requests should be directed to ambassador@mypeakchallenge.com (and not the members’ Facebook group).

Once your application has been approved, we will extend the Ambassador Terms & Conditions. Upon your acceptance, you will be an official Honorary MPC Ambassador and will play a key role in the movement of the Global Peaker Community.

We will be honored to announce you to the rest of our community and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Click here to apply