mobility and flexibility

MPC Flow offers a variety of yoga styles to benefit your body and mind.

From gentle restoration to vigorous vinyasas, you will find something to suit your level, physically and energetically. Sessions range from 10 to 45 minutes and only require your body and a mat - though blocks, a strap, and folded blanket may make your practice more accessible.

Coach Mooney offers cues to help you feel secure in your poses, and you are encouraged to make adjustments to cater to your specific needs. Practicing this way gives you more power to tune into how your body feels without emphasizing how you look in your pose. 

MPC Flow has many options for your personal practice. You can choose to work on a foundation, take a deep dive into a challenging peak posture, warm-up for a workout, or restore your busy mind and tight body with a calming, slow moving session. Check out the descriptions of each section to select what works for your current needs.